Fine Art Autumn Workshops






Fitness shoot

Getting inspired, walking with the camera @ Antwerp, Belgium


Projects 2018

I can already tell you that we going towards a nice direction in 2018. There is fine art photography planned. This shoots illustrate how art goes hand in hand with fashion. A commercial note mixed with high fashion and creation.

A large collaboration with Bondi Branding, a Creative Studio; Visual Branding. Take a look at the site and see what we are going to do. As you can see there is also model photography on the agenda  that’s going to be mixed with advertising, and graphic design projects. Travel, expo’s (Australia) and prints that can be bought in 2018, only limited edition. This is what I can tell you so far:) The rest will follow this year. And of course also available for your photoshoot. Please send me a message!


Photography Bali, Indonesia

Workshop Photography at a children’s home with deaf and handicapped children at Bali, Indonesia (Stichting Creatief Hart).

“I love to involve photography with a helping hand. Its great to see kids smile and forget their problems for a while and teach them photography, and hopefully inspire them in any kind”

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